Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Skydive for The Lullaby Trust In Memory Of Matilda Mae

The Lullaby trust (formerly known as S.I.D.S) are a charity that help families after experiencing the loss of a baby, they also fund research into finding out why it happens. 

When I read Jennie's blog, Edspire about dear little Matilda Mae who was the same age as my own daughter, I couldn't begin to imagine the pain and heart break this causes. So when I heard that a team of amazing people were taking part in a skydive to raise money I decided I wanted to help.

So, I managed to raise enough money to actually take part in the skydive. I always wanted to do this but never actually thought I would ever get to do it. We got the kids and the dog organised and set off for Nottingham. We had a lovely meal with some of the team on the eve of the jump and then the big day came.

Nervous? Me? No! I had been psyching myself up all week for this. I had a good breakfast and we set off for the airfield, the weather looked ok, but not perfect as rain was on the cards at some point. We signed in, got briefed and then waited, watching others do their solo and tandem skydives, and nerves were creeping in a little. 

I was on the second of the planes for our team and so had seen the others do theirs first. It was emotional and exciting at the same time. Then it was time to suit up and board the plane. I was feeling quite nervous but trying not to show it. The plane climbed up to 13000 ft then I was first out and wow, no amount of preparation or nerves made me ready for that free fall. I am not scared of death but what did send me into shock was free falling through thick cloud at 120mph, I felt like I couldn't breath and I couldn't see anything but cloud, then we hit a grey rain cloud and hitting the top of the rain drops is like having lots of needles in your face, it hurts. Then my instructor pulled the cord and free fall was over. It was time we floated the rest of the way down but no, my instructor had other ideas it was raining and I don't think he wanted to get too soaked so we did loads of spins to get to the ground quicker which I have to say really hurt because of the harness and made me feel slightly queasy. We had a safe landing and I felt a little speechless for a bit. After the lovely hugs and realising I was soaked to the skin I felt really ill, must have been all the spins as I love a white knuckle ride but can't stand fairground rides and that's how the spins felt. 

Overall, I don't care that I got ill or that it was scary as hell, I am glad I did it. I wanted to help and I did it for Jennie and her family and for darling Matilda Mae. 

Will I do it again? Maybe, I haven't decided but knowing there is such a fantastic team of people involved I may just be persuaded!


  1. You were brilliant and I guess I maybe forgiven for putting the idea in your head?

  2. Of course you are, I would never done it otherwise so thank you xxx


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