Monday, 28 April 2014

The New Clothing Range For #NextKids

We were invited to the Next HQ for a preview of the new clothing range for kids. Having only passed my driving test only 6 months ago, this was the furthest I had driven in one go as it was a 2.5 hour drive and with all 4 kids, some would think I am mad, well I do live in a mad house! Mr mad house told me I must not drive in the fast lane and I was to call him on arrival and just before leaving for home so he knew I was safe! well I did go in the fast lane and he called me just as I arrived and told me I must have been driving too fast, pah! This was coming from someone who sits in the outside lane being impatient for other drivers to move out of his way!  I drove promptly but safely and we all got there and back in one piece! Yay, go me!

So the day started with a lovely little play area for the kids and plenty of refreshments this was great as it meant us mums got to chat and browse the gorgeous new threads.

As always, I saw so much that I love, I always find it hard to choose when shopping in Next because of this huge love I have for cute clothes that might I add are excellent quality and at an affordable price too. You can already buy clothes from this gorgeous new range that has some fabulous colours and motifs, So the kids decided to come and look too,we all had a really good look, its nice having a child in each of the age ranges as it means you get to look at everything. Little Moo, already styling a cute pair of dungarees from Next decided that she liked a little Peppa Pig tea set more than anything and carried this around with her throwing a hissy fit every time I said she couldn't open it so it looks like that little set will be on her birthday list for June, she adores Peppa! Big Moo found lots of things she liked too, including these floral pumps, which I think are adorable. The boys were more interested in having fun so they chased each other around a bit before it was time to head out for lunch. We had some yummy Italian food, the kids got to visit the kitchen and make a pizza of their own which was a really nice touch and nothing was too much trouble for the lovely team from Next HQ. 

 Here are my four cheeky monkeys styling their new hats and sunglasses courtesy of next, I have to say I am jealous of the gorgeous satchel that Big M is now using for school every day, I want one!

A big thank you to Next for having us we had a brilliant day 

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