Thursday, 7 November 2013

Leapfrog App Learning Toys

Leapfrog is a brand that has featured in our household for around 14 years now, its a brand that I trust and have never been let down by. G is going to be 3 in a couple of weeks and LeapFrog have very kindly sent him some early birthday presents.
G likes to use the iPad at his leisure and I am always looking for new games for him to try out. Now something he has asked for as a birthday present was a camera and I really didn't want to buy an expensive children's camera without knowing if he was going to lose interest after the first use.
LeapFrog have brought out this fantastic Creativity Camera which can be found on Amazon for a bargain price of £11.24 at the moment, usually £14.99. Its suitable for ages 3-6 years. It works with an iphone or ipod touch. The Creativity Camera has a great child proof lock which G hasn't managed to get open so far, which is brilliant as I always worry what he would do with my phone if he had the chance. The app is free and can easily be downloaded from the iTunes store and all you have to do is scan the Q code to get full access to the app, pop your phone in and click shut and they are away snapping pictures of anything and everything. G really loves it, he disappeared off to his room to take photos of toys, he was so excited about it, that he didn't want me to show him all the other things you can do. There are 6 different modes to edit the photos, you can go on exciting photo missions  or even play an exciting augmented reality game. The best thing about this is that there is no way the child playing can exit the camera/game so you don't have to worry about them changing any settings or anything, photos can be saved in app or to your phone so you can share them. I highly recommend this Creativity Camera and think it would make an excellent gift.

The second app toy that G has been sent is Learn to write with Mr Pencil which can be found on amazon for £10.04, usually £14.99. Now in my experience when a child thinks they can't do something they get frustrated and give up quite easily, maybe its just my children but encouragement is always given and sometimes is brings pleasing results. G is quite very much an independent child and likes to do things on his own in a "don't touch me I can do this" kind of way so I wanted to see what happened with this as I so want to get him more interested in writing instead of scribbling on every single wall or object in the house. This has been an amazing toy to encourage him with, he sat for quite a while and we managed to curb any frustration with lots of encouragement and having a few go's myself to show him how it worked, he was very pleased with himself that he managed to draw several different lines and shapes and even some letters and I have to say it made me feel very proud that he achieved it too.
This app works on the iphone, ipod touch or ipad, I have to say that we have only tried it on the ipad as hands down it has to be better for little hands to have a bigger screen but I am sure it would work just as well on the smaller screens too. It Teaches upper- and lowercase letters, numbers 1-20 and basic shapes and the pencil is nice and chunky for small hands to grip easily. It has more than 85 writing activities. I didn't get a photo of G playing this as we were too busy playing it to get any.

Overall I highly recommend both the Creativity Camera and Learn to write with Mr Pencil, they have proven to be fantastic learning tools and lots of fun too.

We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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