Sunday, 1 September 2013

My kind of breakfast

Now its not very often that I get to enjoy a nice breakfast, unless Mr Madhouse makes me poached eggs on the rare occasion that he has the time, my Dad tried to teach me how to do poached eggs but I still cant do them and my Dad was a chef in the army who cooked for royalty many years ago. If I cook eggs myself then its any other way but poached, I have always liked a fried egg but its not the healthiest option so I don't have them very often at all. Today was one of those rare occasions, I spotted some bacon in the fridge, popped it in the microwave and then saw the eggs so it really was an impulsive thing as I usually settle for 2 bits of boring toast with probably far too much butter practically every morning. I am glad I made the effort this morning, I know its not healthy but I did cut the fat off the bacon, does that not count as making it healthy?

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