Monday, 16 September 2013

Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler Review

Blingles Glimmer is a sticker creation set to create your own glittery stickers which will stick to almost anything. Suitable for ages 6 and above this set is really easy to use.
Whats in the box?
1 X Glimmer studio
1 X Glitter collection tray
1 X Glimmer pen
1 X Glimmer brush
4 X Glitter colours
4 X Glitter rollers
8 X Sticker sheets
10 X Large gems
1 X Instruction booklet
We set everything up with ease selected a design from one of the sticker sheets, following the really easy instructions we then peeled off the parts of the sticker that were all the same colour, in our case this was only one due to the design that we chose. We then took the roller from the pot of glitter and rolled it onto our sticker, after completing that section we used the brush to get any excess glitter into the collection tray and put it back into the glitter pot to ensure as little waste as possible. We then followed the same steps to complete the other colours on the sticker. Once finished the sticker just peels off the sheet ready to be stuck in your choice of place.

I think this is a really great little sticker set and we loved using the little rollers to distribute the glitter, I wish I had one of these when I was a kid as I am sure I used to make a lot of mess but karma definitely prevails with this visions of G getting glitter everywhere still haunt me, you can see that post here.
Don't get me wrong the glitter still got on the table and me but its very fine glitter and a little does come off the stickers a little but that's glitter for you. There really wasn't very much mess to clean up afterwards and I don't know about you but that's music to my ears, a crafty activity with very little mess, woo hoo!
You can find these sets for £19.99 on Amazon.

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