Monday, 8 July 2013

Making "me" happy again, so glad I made it...

Yes I very nearly didn't make it to the one thing I really wanted to do this year. For one reason or another but I was determined that I should do something for myself seeing as time to myself is pretty much non existent with having 4 children and a husband who works very hard. I am often left feeling deflated and in need of some or ANY other communication than baby and toddler talk. I have been a stay at home mum for rather a long time and am starting to think about what I would like to do when I can return to work more easily. Blogging is taking up most of my thoughts right now and also sewing but this is me going off on a tangent again, for this I can only apologise its the lack of adult conversation you see :)
So, Britmums Live, we made it. WHOOOOOP!
Above is me with my good friend Clare, from Emmy's Mummy and of course the lovely little M had to come along too as I am still breastfeeding, (we made it to a year but now its kind of troublesome to give up as she won't take other milk in a cup or bottle).

Here we are meeting Alex the lion from Madagascar. Little M loved him and the penguins, most little ones look a bit wary of these big characters but not M, she thought they were hilarious.
Day 1 was a little over whelming for M and she ended up in a screaming fit which is really not like her as she is usually so relaxed and happy. For this reason I had to leave early and take her back to the hotel room for a freshen up and some chill time. This did the trick but it meant I missed the awards so we joined up with everyone after for some food.
Over all we had a great  amazing time, met some lovely bloggers and brands and learnt some new things too. I got to meet some lovely ladies who I have been chatting to online for a long time and the blogging community are just a lovely bunch of people which I feel honoured to be part of. I will definitely be going again next year as I feel that for me it wasn't just about the blogging. I realised I need to find me again and get out there and do the things that make me happy. I found myself not being able to stop talking about Britmums live for days so it has had a massive impact for me, thank you Britmums :) 


  1. So glad you made it roomie. We had a blast! Here's to next year :)

  2. Thanks hun, can't wait and at least I have plenty of time to find a sponsor

  3. Was lovely to meet you there! Was fun and next year I'm on my best behaviour and will spend the whole 2 days there ;)

    1. Was lovely to meet you too hun, next year it will be me being badly behaved as I will have no children with me :)


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