Thursday, 30 October 2014

Magical Halloween Fun With Tree Fu Tom - Toms Big Spell

DVD on sale from Monday 6th October

Travel with Tom to Treetopolis for Seven Magical Stories

Tom and his Treetopolis friends are back for more spell-binding, action-packed adventures! When Tom's trip to Spell School ends in magical mayhem he needs your help
Young children are set to be spell-bound this Halloween with magical stories from pre-school super hero Tree Fu Tom in the brand new DVD Tom’s Big Spell which is released on Monday 6th October.

The hit CBeebies show is set in the enchanted world of Treetopolis where movement creates magic and viewers are encouraged to join in the fun and interact with the show through physical actions.

Tom appears to be a normal eight-year-old boy but when he puts on his magic belt and performs a special sequence of movements (known as Tree Fu) he transforms into a tiny but mighty, magical super-hero. Children are all encouraged to join in the Tree Fu magic moves.
In the DVD Tom is off to the castle for an exciting day at Spell School with Treetog. A drop of Magic Motion Potion brings some familiar objects to life but Tom finds the new spell quite hard to master. A flying book, a naughty broomstick and Zigzoo’s wagon run riot around Treetopolis when they become enchanted. Tom needs you to help him perform Big World Magic to restore calm to Treetopolis.

Title: Tree Fu Tom: Tom's Big Spell

Release date: Monday 6 October

Format: DVD

Certificate: U

 I have one copy to give away, you can enter by using the Gleam widget below. Good luck!

Hello Kitty Celebrates Her 40th Anniversary at Hamleys

Beloved icon Hello Kitty will be celebrating her 40th anniversary by spreading happiness and hugs in London’s iconic Hamleys store.
Since 1974, Hello Kitty has been spreading kindness all over the world, and in 2014 she’s been celebrating her big anniversary and giving hugs across the globe.
Now in London, Hello Kitty will be marking her 40th anniversary celebration through the global hug-a-thon at Hamleys, on Saturday 1st of November between 12pm and 4pm.
Hello Kitty will also be unveiling a very special, life size cake complete with an edible ruby bow! Come along with all your friends to have a slice of the delicious cake, and have a hug with Hello Kitty on her special day.
Date: Saturday 1st of November
Time: 12pm – 4pm, big cake unveiling at 1pm
Address: 2nd Floor, Hamleys, 188-196 Regent Street, W1B 5BT


Monday, 27 October 2014

Stokke Scoot, the Perfect Stroller

As you may have guessed that I love a pushchair, I don't just write about the things that people send me for review, if I find something that I love that I think others will love too then that inspires me to write about it.

Stokke have an amazing range of baby products and my love for the brand first started when I bought a second hand Tripp Trapp for my third baby, I wish I had discovered them sooner! Easy to clean and sturdy, never has it tipped over and it is still going strong on the 4th child, child number 3 never really wanted to pass it over so we had to get a second one, the children love them and the fact that they grow with your child, I have often been found perching on it when I can't get to another seat, how many high chairs have you seen that can seat an adult, exactly... None!

Anyway onto the purpose of this post...

Finally a stroller that not only is parent facing, the seat unit is fixed higher up so you can have more interaction with your child.

The first thing I look for when shopping for a pushchair or stroller is one that faces me, I love being able to hear what my child is saying to me and being able to respond to them immediately instead of asking them what they said 10 times over. Most pushchairs that are parent facing are the bigger ones that can be travel systems or just the heavier bulkier pushchairs.
I must say I have struggled to find a good quality stroller that ticks the boxes for me.
We walk a lot, not only for the school run but on dog walks, to the woods, the beach, a river, we get around and finding the right set of wheels is a massive thing for me, I guess its like men and their cars really.

 As you can see my husband is happy pushing it too, the handle height can be adjusted really easily, he likes the handle to be higher up than me as he is taller.

The lie flat position is pictured and look you can still get really good access to the basket, another big plus in my opinion. Its a really great size too, there are also clips to attach your changing bag to the stroller, Stokke really do think of the the little things that matter, I always worry about someone snatching my bag if I am not carrying it, well if I am travelling in London on the tube for instance, not if I am walking in the woods.
My little girl loves being in there, she looks very comfortable with plenty of head room.

Another thing that I look for when buying a pushchair is the footrest, its important that my child is comfortable and can easily make use of the footrest when needed, this one is also adjustable and has 2 different positions and can be moved to the front or back of the frame, whichever way you have the seat unit facing. The clips are also easy enough for me to use with being able to put one side in at a time and not fiddly at all, great if you have a tantrum on your hands because who can hold a child in position and clip both straps in at once? Although my little one isn't too bad on this front so far, I know I shouldn't speak to soon, there is always time for this to change!  As you can see the height of the straps is also adjustable and they are well padded for comfort.

The brake is a simple clip you push down to activate and then back up again to release, it works brilliantly and I am more than happy with it.

The hood stays in place really well and has a bit at the front that can be flipped out or tucked in depending on how much the sun is shining. 

This is also a pushchair that almost impossible to tip over, I don't really hang bags on the handle but I can lean on it with my full weight against it and it won't tip back, at all, this has made handling kerbs a little harder but that hasn't really bothered me that much in favour of the safety of my child and knowing she is staying put. 

There is a new updated version of the Scoot available that has some lovely upgrades, the wheels being one, I prefer big wheels for some reason, maybe because of the multi terrain that we travel on and I think those new wheels would improve the kerb handling, making for the perfect stroller. You can view the new improved version on the Stokke website and see the other changes that have been made.

Overall I really love the Scoot and I highly recommend Stokke as a brand that I really trust with the safety of my child. 


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Classic Tiny Tears Interactive Doll from John Adams

If there is one thing that little M loves to play with it's a teddy or baby doll. They tend to be by her side at every moment from sitting with her at the table for breakfast to sleeping in a doll sized cot right next to her bed at night.

When Tiny Tears arrived it was like we had a real baby in the house, little moo, inspected every inch of her and gave her lots of kisses and cuddles. She soon became her best friend and is by her side every minute of the day and if G comes along and moves her, she goes nuts until Tiny Tears is put back, then calm is resumed. 

This fully interactive doll is 38cm in height and comes with a one piece outfit, headband, bib, bottle, nappy and potty. It takes 3 LR44 batteries which are included and already installed for you, I always find this a bonus with toys, especially when they are Christmas presents because I am one of those mums that forgets to buy the batteries!
Tiny tears makes real drinking sounds when you feed her using her bottle and when she has finished she burps. If you press the button on her upper back she cries real tears and the lower button on her back gets pressed in when she is sat on the potty and she will wet. Then you can press her tummy and she will, laugh, cry or say mama.

I must admit when I saw that it wets, I was a little apprehensive to let little moo actually put any water in the bottle as when Big M was little she had a similar doll that could feed, only the liquid would run straight through the doll and you had to make sure that it always had a nappy on or sat on its potty, never the less it ended up being a doll that was played with in the bath so we didn't have leaks every five minutes. Tiny Tears has pleasantly surprised me and will only wet when placed on her potty or the button on her lower back is pressed. This gives me no hesitation when my little one wants to feed her baby, the only time she has been frustrated is because she can't put this one in the bath with her but we get around that by sitting Tiny Tears on her potty. This is also a great toy for encouraging your child to sit on their potty if you are trying to toilet train. 

Classic Tiny Tears Interactive Doll from John Adams Toys can be bought from Amazon for around £26.99.

Little Moo really loves this doll and I highly recommend it too. This was also a winner in the Best New Toy Awards at the London Toy Fair.

You also have the chance to win a Classic Tiny Tears interactive doll in time for Christmas by completing the form below.
Tiny Tears Classic Interactive Doll

We were sent this item in return for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Another hospital admission for little moo

So we had the usual winter bugs, coughs and colds, they had been around over a week and were subsiding. Then we woke up yesterday morning and my littlest moo had a bit of a temperature, I knew straight away that this was nothing the do with the winter bugs. So we got the kids off to school and G off to nursery and she started to deteriorate quite quickly, I didn't have any means of collecting a sample at home so off to A&E we went after very quickly packing a bag with things that were not suitable for a little girl with a high temperature in a warm hospital but I didn't think of that at the time, no I took long sleeved sleepsuits :/ 
I was already anxious about how Moo would feel about being poked and prodded by doctors and nurses but actually she was very willing for a change and didn't even cry when the cannula was put in, what a brave little thing, I am still shocked she has taken it all so well. 
The urine collected came back positive for everything, including blood so we had to wait for some results before they could decide which antibiotic to use, this meant that we were here for 9 hours before she received any medication, except calpol. 9 hours for the infection to take hold even more. 

This morning the doctor came and couldn't really say much as they need to check with microbiology that she was taking the right antibiotics, well she wasn't and so they changed the meds from once a day to 4 times a day meaning that we won't be allowed home on day release at all. 

Today she had an ultrasound scan to which they still haven't been able to give me the results of. I feel that I am losing my faith a bit, they don't seem to have any urgency about them and it seems that I am having to alert them everytime her temperature spikes and she is going down hill.

I haven't seen any improvement all day so I hope that a good nights sleep sees her on the way to recovery and we can go home. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Celebrity Mum welcomes new stroller on the block to Surrey baby store

Any Mums or Dads in Surrey?.... Like pushchairs? 

Head on down to the A3 Baby Barn on Friday 17th of October...

Local mums are invited to join TV presenter and mum of two Angellica Bell at a coffee and cake-fuelled celebration of a new arrival in the buggy world next week at A3 Baby Barn in Surrey.

Combi, one of the most trusted parenting brands in the world is launching its super light and easy strollers in the UK for the first time, with A3 Baby Barn as its chosen and exclusive Surrey retailer.

The One Show reporter Angellica, who has been using the stroller with her youngest child for the past few weeks, will be joined by local mummy bloggers in sharing parenting tips and advice at the event on Friday 17th October at 10.30am. There will also be exclusive in-store discounts available.

Chanda Andrews, UK distributor for Combi, said: “Everybody’s welcome! We know mums love to get together and share the trials and tribulations of the week – so why not come along to A3 Baby Barn, enjoy some cake, browse all the delights in-store and see the Combi range in action.”

To find out more, follow @CombiBaby or visit

Monday, 6 October 2014

Make up bag from Victoria Green

This gorgeous range of cosmetic bags from Victoria Green are absolutely gorgeous. I just love them all and glad I didn't have to pick which one because the prints are all lovely. I have the one pictured below and its the prefect size for weekends away or sleep overs, it has a cute spot print on a coated cotton canvas material, its also fully lined and Debenhams is a place I always return to for my cosmetic bags as they last so long and are really good quality.

Victoria Green ‘Summer Meadow’ Print Wash Bag £12: A thoughtfully designed wash bag with 2 internal pockets to help you organise your bits and bobs, plenty of space for toiletries inside, and a zipped pocket on the front. Beautifully printed with our summer meadow pattern, it has pretty polka dot detailing, and the coated cotton canvas is wipe-clean and waterproof. Exclusive to Debenhams. View the full range here.

I also have this bag from the range to give away, just complete the form below to enter.

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