Monday, 21 July 2014

Two Years Old - A Very Happy Birthday

I am writing this a little late as her birthday was last month but so much has been going on here that I seem to be constantly playing catch up. I can't quite believe that 2 whole years has passed and my little moo seems so grown up. She can say lots of words and speaks in sentences. Her walking has come along brilliantly since she was a late walker and had a very wide gait. Her Kidney growth has come along and the smaller one is still smaller but within the normal range. 
We have been through so much in the last 2 years and although we didn't have a party, we still had cake and a lovely day out.
We took the train to London and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. a place I had never been to before. What a great place to eat.
They treated us really well and they got the whole restaurant to sing happy birthday, I don't think Molly knew what to make of it but we all had a great time. 
We shared a huge slice of Oreo cheesecake, it was divine and the cocktails were amazing too.
We collected our free glasses and went for a walk in the park. Molly decided to steal my shoe and thought it was really funny to run off with it so G followed suit. 
It was really nice to be away from everything for the day and the kids, well it was nice just to stop and enjoy time with them, laughing, running and having fun. Looking at that cheesecake makes me want to go back for another slice :)

Have you had any celebrations recently?

Friday, 18 July 2014

Car Seat Safety - Some Useful Tips

Mark Bennett, Car Seat Safety Expert from BRITAX explains that as children move to a Group 2/3 stage car seat, safety whilst travelling should remain a key priority.

With many families setting off on journeys in the car this summer, it’s important to run a health check on your car seat to make sure it’s still the perfect fit for your child. This will ensure they are comfy and happy on their journey and you can rest assured that they are safe and secure whilst travelling.

It may feel that only yesterday you were buying your first car seat for your newborn and then just when you were getting to grips with Group 1, the next stage car seat will sneak up on you. Whilst your little one may appear to be a strong big boy or girl as they reach the age of four, keeping them safe whilst travelling is still top priority.

Mark Bennett explains, ‘Many parents are still unaware that it is required by law for children to travel in a car seat until they are 135cm tall or 12 years old - whichever comes first - so the final Group 2-3 stage car seats will see your child from the age of four all the way until they are 12 years of age.

At the age of four or 15 kg, children are old enough to move to a Group 2-3 seat with adult seat belt but this doesn't mean they don't need the same level of protection.  Many parents believe children will be safe on a booster cushion, a small platform that lifts them up on the seat, however these are not safe as they do not have the all important side impact protection of deep side wings and a protective headrest.

Mark Bennett has compiled some FAQ's to help parents understand the final Group 2-3 car seat stage and how to choose the seat that’s just right for you and your family.

Q. What is a booster cushion?  If they are sold why are they not safe?
At BRITAX, we're always striving to ensure that we offer the maximum protection for your children as they develop.  With recent research showing that side collisions are one of the most frequent and fatal types of crashes on the roads*, BRITAX decided to stop selling booster cushions.
Booster cushions are still sold because it is not required by current EU safety standards to conduct tests for side collisions, however if the regulations change, our experts do not believe that any new booster cushions would pass. 

Booster cushions are better than no car seat, however they offer no side impact protection. BRITAX recommend a BRITAX 'highback' booster, which offers deep protective side wings and head support. These work to absorb crash forces in the event of a collision whilst protecting the child's head.

Q. How do I know when my little one is ready to move to Group 2-3?
You should move your little one from a Group 1 to a Group 2-3 seat when they reach the weight limit of 18kg, or if their eye-line is higher than the seat's highest point - whichever comes first. This is usually at the age of four years.

Q. Can I buy an XP-PAD to add to my old Group 2-3 seat?
No. The XP-PAD is integrated into the KIDFIX XP SICT.

Q.  What actually is the current law when it comes to car seat safety for 4 + year olds?
It is required by law for children to travel in a car seat until they are 135cm tall or approximately 12 years old whichever comes first.

Q. How do you fit a Group 2-3 car seat?
A Group 2-3 car seat can be fitted by ISOFIT, where the child safety seat is attached to the vehicle body with connectors in the same way as ISOFIX.  It is classified as ISOFIT rather than ISOFIX as the child is secured by means of the adult 3-point seatbelt. ISOFIX is a term used in Group 0+/1 where the child is secured by means of a five point harness, and the car seat is fitted to the ISOFIX connections points.

Q. How do I know which is the best Group 2-3 seat for my family?
Every family is unique and has different considerations and practicalities to consider when choosing a seat. To help simplify the process, BRITAX has created a unique online tool that assists a parent to identify the right seat for their child and their car. For each seat, Fit FinderTM will also inform the users what seat positions are approved in the vehicle and the appropriate fitting method. You can view the latest Fit FinderTM here

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Charity Prize Draw For The Lullaby Trust

As you may or may not know on the 2nd of August I really hope to be taking part in a team skydive to raise money for the Lullaby Trust in memory of a beautiful little star called Matilda Mae. 
My deadline to raise enough money to be able to take part for this really worthy cause is on Friday, yes that's only 2 days away and I am only half way to my target. I really want to do this and I really need your help so if you can spare £1 to help then not only will you be helping do something crazy but also helping families that need support after losing a baby to sudden infant death syndrome. Just complete the raffle copter form below in order to enter.

You can donate via the Just Giving Page or via text message by texting the code MMLG77 with the amount you would like to sponsor to the number 70070, please remember to leave your name so I can verify your entry.

Here is a list of the prizes you could win...

May I say a HUGE thank you to all the bloggers and anyone else that has helped by donating, sponsoring, sharing and just being generally fabulous for helping me, you are all amazing xx
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, 11 July 2014

Beside the Seaside, Beside The Sea

We have had such a busy time over the last two weeks of the children being off school, we have only just had a day today where we sat and watched films all afternoon and just sat snuggled with blankets, it was so nice after being so busy with the children but yesterday we went to Littlehampton, we thought it would be a sandy beach and the kids were really looking forward to building some sand castles and I have to admit I was looking forward to that too but all we found was pebbles and shells. By the time we got there and parked it was time for food so we sat and had our picnic on the beach before the kids scattered in different directions to explore, they always seem to do this when I don't have Pete with me, two pairs of eyes are needed with 4 kids, the older ones are ok but the little ones who usually stick together went separate ways. Luckily I had a friend with me who also had her little one with her so there were 5 children to contend with. I came armed with a bottle of bubbles and that seemed to draw the little ones back together and I wish I had got some photos of that but at that point my camera was in the car. We decided to buy 2 crab lines and some bait to see if we could catch a crab, we did try for quite a while but we got quite cold and lost one of the lines so gave up and headed towards the amusements. We had great fun taking photos and just enjoyed not having to rush about. I wish the weather had been a bit warmer but that didn't spoil our fun. We had a meal and then put Pj's on the little ones so that they could be transferred from car to bed without disturbing them too much. All in All it was a lovely day out and not too far to drive. I am linking this post up with Country Kids over at Coombe Mill. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Siblings July

I seem to have managed a fair few photos of the youngest two children together over the last month.This first one was on little M's birthday, they decided that the new peppa pig puzzle was to be used as a pillow and they snuggled together under one of our patchwork blankets

In between being ill, we managed to get out in the fresh air for a picnic and then we stopped off for refreshments on the way home. I was really surprised at how well they managed to share a drink really nicely without any arguing. They took turns so nicely, it was a proud mummy moment. 

We also went to see Nanny and Grandpa for the day whilst Daddy went off on a ship visit for work. 
The children had lots of fun together picking fruit from the garden, walking in the woods and we found a small park for them to play in too. Even the puppy had lots of fun with their dog, they spent the whole day in the garden and I managed to catch up with a lovely friend who I haven't seen for such a long time. It really was a good day. Nanny always makes the best cake ever too, Little M had a birthday cake and there was the most delicious lemon meringue pie.

dear beautiful

Monday, 30 June 2014

Doc McStuffins Fuzzy Felt Review and Giveaway

The latest Fuzzy Felt from John Adams is just what the doctor ordered! Hours of endless fun with all your favourite Doc McStuffins characters!
With a little help from Doc McStuffins and her animal friends, Lambie, Stuffy, Chilly and Hallie, you can now create your very own special stories and adventures with the Doc McStuffins Fuzzy Felt set (RRP £9.99). Featuring over 100 pieces, including character printed felt pieces, mix and match to make your own pictures that cling to the Fuzzy Felt board.

As well as including a flocked board to use as a basis for your designs, the set also comes complete with an ideas guide with examples to help kick start your Doc McStuffins creative adventures. You can choose to be guided by instructions, or choose to produce your own fantastic new and unique designs!
This fun Fuzzy Felt set is perfect for young children to explore their imagination and encourage creativity, recognition and co-ordination. Suitable for children aged 3 years +.

This set has provided lots of fun and imaginative play for little Moo and it has also helped with learning colours and improving her fine motor skills. This is a great little set with lots of pieces to choose from and I am sure it will be played with many more times.

I have teamed up with John Adams to give one of these sets away, to be in with a chance just complete the tasks on the rafflecopter form below.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Talking Peter Rabbit from Vivid

Vivid brings the magic of Peter Rabbit to life with new toys and collectibles based on the new CGI animated series  
Bringing lovable friends Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny and Lily Bobtail together on a host of magical new adventures, the Peter Rabbit animated series, co- produced with Penguin UK and Nickelodeon US consists of 50 x 11’ episodes and three 22-minute specials and is currently showing on CBeebies.   
Join Peter Rabbit and his friends in the beautiful Lake District where there are adventures to be had and surprises to discover around every corner. Whether hanging out at each other’s burrows, meeting at their secret tree-house, out and about on adventures or celebrating with a ‘Bunny Dance’, these three are never happier than when they’re together.  

Squeeze the cute and cuddly 10” Talking Plush versions of Peter Rabbit and Lily Bobtail (£14.99 each) to hear them speak character phrases from the series such as ‘Let’s hop to it!’ and ‘Brilliant!’  With adorable expressions and cute costume details these characters are perfect for any play time adventure

Peter Rabbit has been very much loved in our house since he arrived, there was even a couple of scuffles over him but most nights he goes to G's bed and sleeps right next to him or in his arms. 
He is really soft and cuddly and as you can see he has even been getting lots of kisses from little moo.
He is suitable for ages 3 and above, although my 2 year old loves him too.
I like the fact that the battery compartment can be completely removed and really easily as its not too big , making battery changes easy and quicker than if you have to battle to get the thing out of a hole that is too small. This also means that if you want to quieten Peter Rabbit for bed time then this can easily be achieved. 

I am really pleased with this toy and so are the kids, I would definitely recommend this and I have tried to find a fault but there really isn't any at all, it really is lovely.

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