Monday, 6 April 2015

Going on a Nature Trail With Munch Bunch

Last week we took part in a Twitter chat with the lovely Angellica Bell who is helping to promote the new 30% less sugar fromage frais from Munch Bunch. We talked about nature trails and everyone gave lots of great tips for being out and about with the kids. I thought I would share some of the best tips with you.

  • Find a great location, you might want to be close to home so you could download the Geocaching app onto your phone and go on a treasure hunt, we have done this a couple of times and the kids really love it, we always make sure we take some treasure with us to replace. The app gives you the co-ordinates of a box and sometimes there will be something to write on to give a few details but you don't have to fill it in. The kids find Junk treasure from around the house and replace whatever they take from the box with something else. We have never found an empty box either. The app will remember which ones you have completed too. You might want to go further afield but you could still play the treasure game if you wanted. We recently visited the beach which is also a great place to look at nature, admittedly we spent most of our time throwing stones into the sea but its what the kids wanted to do so we just rolled with it. There is a huge array of things to find at the seaside and the weather is beginning to warm up enough now. Farms, woodlands, lakes, rivers are all places you could go on a nature trail. 
  • Think about how you can incorporate your nature trail into getting the kids learning about where their food comes from, if you visit the farm, you maybe allowed to milk the cows or at least see them being milked. We talk to the kids a lot about food and where it comes from, we want them to know what they are eating and they are quite happy knowing that bacon and ham come from pigs, milk comes from cows and so on.
  • Get the kids to use their senses see what they can smell, hear, feel and see, take some relevant foods with you that they can taste like some Munch Bunch Fromage Frais, strawberries, cheese, milk shake etc. Great foods for snack breaks along your nature trail.
  • If you have older children you can get them to take pictures to make an Instagram collage when they get home or they could even make a video of all the things they find.
  • Remember to pack a bag before you go with things that you might need, a spare change of clothes in case they get wet or muddy, snacks, wipes, antibacterial hand wash is great especially if you are visiting somewhere that has no facilities and a small first aid kit with plasters in as you never know when someone is going to hurt themselves.
  • You could play the alphabet game or adapt this to suit the level of your child. Find things beginning with a certain letter or looking for things of a certain colour or looking for a certain number of the same thing, seeing who can find the most or the biggest or even the smallest. 
  • Play pooh sticks if you are visiting a river and you find a bridge to cross, we love playing this game to see who's stick wins the race under the bridge.
  • Find wild fruits at the right time of year, we go blackberry picking every year and the kids love eating them as we go along and its free, or go to a farm where you can pick your own fruits and you can talk about how fruits and vegetables come into season at different times of the year. 
  • You can plant your own fruit and vegetables at home, this is a great way of teaching the cycle of a plant and how it takes time for the plant to bear fruit or vegetables, how some grow underground and some grow above, some on trees and bushes.
For some more ideas watch the video below featuring Angellica Bell, myself and a lovely blogger friend Alice.

This post is in collaboration with Munch Bunch 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Halo Headband Review

Halo Headbands are designed to keep sweat out of your eyes and off your glasses whilst training, working out or just working hard, they are made from high quality materials within the USA and come in a fantastic array of colours.
The UK website has a full range of products, the headbands I have for review are The Halo ll and the Halo hairband.
The Halo ll has 2 thin layers that can be worn alone or under a hat or helmet, it really does stop the sweat. I have been growing my hair out from a very short style too and I find normal fashion headbands don't stay in place and it can be really annoying but the Halo stayed exactly where I put it for the whole time when I go out running. They are priced at £12.95 and worth every penny, especially if you are someone who sweats a lot. 
The Halo hair band is my favourite one of the 2, it also stays in place really well and I love the colours they come in. It also absorbs any sweat really well and it means my growing hair that won't go into a ponytail will not be blowing in my face when its windy. It also comes in a big variety of colours so you are bound to find one that matches your clothes. These ones are priced at £9.95. It has an elastic part around the back so it should fit any sized head. They also come in two different width sizes so if you prefer a thinner less obvious one then this is possible too.

We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

Food Study Reveals "The Good Stuff" We Like To See Our Children Eating

A study into children’s eating habits has found the ‘Top 20 Feel Good Foods’ that make all parents feel happy seeing their children eat.
Topping the ‘Good Stuff Index” are yogurt, bananas and porridge, closely followed by blueberries and brown bread. A roast dinner comes in at number nine, with fish-fingers and baked beans also making the top 20.
Infographic STG6-02

British children are even enjoying a super-food packed diet with more than half of three to six year olds having tried quinoa, coconut water and kale. A further 45% even eat chia seeds!
2,000 parents of children aged between three and six years of age were asked how they felt about their children’s eating habits, by children’s dairy brand Munch Bunch® to mark the launch of its new Munch Bunch® 30% Less Sugar fromage frais.
  • 72% admitted their child has a ‘bad food day’ - when they don’t eat as well as they would like - at least once a week
  • Topping parent’s list of concerns are children not eating enough fruit and vegetables and consuming too much sugar; almost half of mums say sugar is their biggest concern
  • Eight out of ten parents said they feel guilt if their child has a ‘bad food day’
  • A third feel frustrated as a result
  • In contrast, an overwhelming 91% reported feeling happy and relieved at the end of the day if their children ate well
    The most important things for parents when it comes to food choices for their children is whether they will enjoy it and if it’s natural. Artificial additives, colouring and preservatives are a deterrent for nearly half of parents.

Infographic STG6-01
TV presenter and mum-of-two, Angellica Bell is spearheading a ‘Good Stuff’ campaign at that sees her providing tips for parents on fun ways to educate young children on where foods come from.
Angellica said: “As parents we just want the best for our children, so I’m not surprised so many report feeling guilty when it comes to feeding them. It is a constant juggling act finding foods that are good for them, convenient and delicious too.”
Marie-Laure Danican, Brand Manager at Munch Bunch® said: “We are delighted that so many parents acknowledge yogurt and fromage frais as wholesome components in a balanced diet for their children. With our new Munch Bunch 30% Less Sugar we are providing further choice for those seeking low sugar options too.”

Join us, Munch Bunch and the lovely Angelica Bell for a Twitter chat this Wednesday evening at 8.30pm where we will be discussing all of the above and more.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you in collaboration with Munch Bunch®

Monday, 16 March 2015

Pump Rocket Science From 4M

Great Gizmos have a big range of science sets for children of different ages available, we have been sent the Pump Rocket Science Kit from 4M is suitable for ages 8 and above. This is a great kit if you have an inquisitive child who likes to learn, its also lots of fun. The kit includes enough parts to make the rocket and a car which are both powered by the pump. 

Using the easy to read instructions my son assembled the pieces together. Charlie said he found it easy to put together but he thinks the paper glider would be better if it was made from thin plastic as we found that after several launches it wasn't going to last long. The other parts are fine and have been used over and over. All of the kids have had fun with it. The micro rockets will fly up to 20ft and the rocket racer speeds across the floor really well.
You can find more information here where you can also buy this and many other sets. This particular set is priced at £11.95 from Great Gizmos.

We were sent this set for the purpose of the review.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

New Munch Bunch Fromage Frais With 30% Less Sugar

One thing we eat a lot of in this house, well the kids eat a lot of is fromage frais. In fact dairy full stop, we go through almost 20 pints of milk a week and around 24 yoghurt/fromage frais with some going in lunch boxes. So you could say if you look directly at the fromage frais and calculate how much sugar that is, its a lot. OK we do have 4 children but have you looked at the sugar content in the food you are giving your child? 

We have been working alongside Munch Bunch on their new "Good Stuff" campaign.

Recent studies have shown that 62% of mums are put off by the sugar levels indicated on the ingredients list when choosing food for their children. I have to say I am one of them, and I have spent far too much time looking for food in the supermarket that has low or no sugar. 

This is why Munch Bunch have launched their new Fromage Frais with 30% less sugar. This is one whole spoon less than the regular ones. It also costs the same as the original product which is a big win for me as it is frustrating that it usually costs so much more to eat healthily. 

We have eaten lots of the new fromage frais and can safely say the little ones haven't noticed a change and for me that is great, the older kids say they taste delicious so they have definitely passed the taste test here.

We spent a day filming with Munch Bunch and some time soon you will be able to head on over to Munch Bunch to find out our nature trail tips. There will also be a Twitter chat with the lovely Angelica Bell over the next few weeks.

This post is sponsored by Lactalis Nestle Chilled Dairy.

Win an Amazon Voucher With Peter Goodwin - Travel Counsellor

Win a £20 Amazon Voucher...

I am here to tell you all about someone I know and trust very well, he has been in the travel business for over 20 years and has amazing knowledge about what he does, he has a passion for making peoples dreams come true and he really loves what he does, so much so that he has started his own business as a travel agent. He is an expert in the field of cruising and although I thought otherwise, cruising is for everyone, you just have to find the right ship! 

He can do many other things from train tickets to hotel, honeymoons and trips to Disney, he has extensive experience in tailoring packages to suit any individual needs, whether it be upgrades, group bookings or special circumstances that may need extra care and attention. 

To celebrate the launch of his new business he is offering one of my lucky readers a £20 Amazon voucher, all you have to do is complete the form, just click the link below to be taken to the entry form... 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Affordable Kids Clothing From House Of Fraser

We were recently asked to choose an outfit from the House Of Fraser children's range. It took a matter of seconds for Megan to switch the laptop on to start browsing after I told her she could pick something by herself. 

Megan's choices...

Mango slim fit Jeans  at £16.99


Lands End woven square neck top £14.95 now in the sale and priced at £11.96


Delivery was really quick and although we had ordered the wrong size, this was dealt with very quickly and efficiently. I returned the wrong size and our replacement was with us really quickly. 

So we had a little photo shoot, unfortunately the weather hasn't been kind to us, we were hoping for some sun but it didn't want to come out to play over half term and so we just went for it.

I think Megan loves her new outfit and it has washed really well, the Jeans are really soft and comfortable. I can't wait for the clocks to spring forward so we can see some warmer days, the top is cotton so will be more suited to the warmer spring weather, it really is lovely quality. 
To view their complete range you can head over to the House Of Fraser website for a browse. If you have younger children they also have a fantastic range of nursery items too, which I am sure we will be browsing soon for Molly with the warmer weather on its way.

We were sent these items for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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